About Us

At iShareCloset, our team is focused on building the ‘Ultimate Designer Collection’ . The dream state in which a woman can wake up, choose from unlimited options, and dress for exactly how she feels every single day. In this world, you do not need a physical closet to house hundreds of items you do not use.

In fact, people regularly wear only 20% of their closet (source : wall street journal) , leading to an average of 36 tonnes of clothing waste going to landfill every hour in Australia ( source:Craig Reucassel, abc)

Instead, lets create a sisterhood and Share each other’s closets . My sisters and I had endless  possibilities by mixing and matching our closets.

iShareCloset wants to allow everyone right across Australia to mix and match their closets, but also to do it with style in designer wear.  Why designer ? because iShareCloset believes that the current culture of fast fashion is a large contributor to not only, clothing waste but also for many of the problems in the fashion industry. A $1 T shirt does come at a cost and that cost is borne by not providing a living wage to those making the T shirt. Through renting and resale we allow you to wear designer at affordable prices. Let us make a paradigm shift from buy and throw to wear and share.

Try out new possibilities and pair with different accessories. Your closet will never be boring again. Access your dream closet in ‘the cloud’ to call upon the clothes  and accessories you want to wear and return them when you have made that statement and shared it over social media. PS: tag us on #isharecloset we love to see how gorgeous you looked

Help us create this ultimate designer collection, Share your closet and earn from your closet while you sleep. You continue to have access to the closet when you need it and it makes money when you don’t. Join the sisterhood and make a difference.

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