Country Australia
Description :

Motivated by a love of vintage clothing and markets, Sarah-Jane Clarke ( Sass) and Heidi Middleton ( Bide) claim that they commenced modifying jeans purchased from retail outlets, and cutting to meet their own tastes in fashion. After their initial success in the markets, Clarke and Middleton returned to Australia in 1999, based in Sydney, they developed an underground following that led to their first seasonal collection at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in 2001. The label is known for being worn by Sex And The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker and in more recent times Madonna, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Beyoncé, Nicole Richie and Mila Kunis. The modern take and modern innovative cutting has set them apart as a label to be reckoned with among young fashion followers and influencers.

Designer's Collection

Peach and Maroon Sequin Party Slip Dress

Retail Price $ 655.00
Sale Price $ 250.00
Rental Price $ 183.00
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Navy Drop Waist Dress

Retail Price $ 390.00
Sale Price $ 180.00
Rental Price $ 109.00
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Tribal Print Bubble Skirt

Retail Price $ 250.00
Sale Price $ 80.00
Rental Price $ 70.00
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Lightning Silver Mini Skirt

Retail Price $ 320.00
Sale Price $ 120.00
Rental Price $ 90.00
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Zebra Stripe Dress

Retail Price $ 290.00
Sale Price $ 250.00
Rental Price $ 81.00
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High Fashion Maxed Out Twin Set

Retail Price $ 650.00
Sale Price $ 325.00
Rental Price $ 182.00
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High Fashion Maxed Out Mini Skirt

Retail Price $ 350.00
Rental Price $ 98.00
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