How It Works

How to Create your Profile

  • Browse our collection of designer brands for free
  • Create an account for free with iShareCloset to rent/buy or list your items
  • You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @iShareCloset, or use the hashtag #iShareCloset

Creating your account with iShareCloset

  • Create your account anytime with Facebook, or simply inputting your details as the prompts require
  • You will then receive a verification email. Click verify.
  • This will bring you to your newly created profile. Let people get to know you so that you build trust. Show your personality and your style to other users!
  • Link to your own personal blog (optional)

How to Rent

  • BROWSE our collection of designer brands and choose what suits YOU for your next event
  • RENT (or BUY where option is possible)
    • Rent for either 4, 10 or 20 days at a time
    • Choose the start date (the date that the item will arrive at your door)
      • The end date will be automatically calculated by iShareCloset. This is the date you need to post the item for return.
    • Click ‘Add to Cart’
    • If you require any further information, at any point you are able to message the owner via our messaging feature
  • PAY
    • Make payment with your credit/debit card using our secure payment gateway STRIPE
    • At this point, if not already in the system, you will be asked to complete further details in your profile such as address and payment details. These details will not be publicly available. Please refer to our Privacy Policy (link to this) for further details.
    • Please ensure your credit/debit card details are correct. This information is entered into our secure payment gateway STRIPE. None of this information is kept by iShareCloset. It is stored by STRIPE.
    • When payment is confirmed, you will receive an email shortly afterwards confirming your order
    • Please note: when creating your iShareCloset account and entering payment details, you are agreeing to STRIPE’s terms and conditions.
    • Your item will be sent to you for the START DATE you indicated
    • Please give a leeway of at least 2 days before your event to ensure the item arrives on time
    • In the instance that you are not happy with the item, you have a period of 24 hours from MIDDAY on the delivery date to return the item back to the owner.
      • Note: ONLY CLOTHES can be returned for a full refund, minus return costs. Any other items (handbags, shoes, accessories) CANNOT be returned and there will be NO refund.
  • WEAR!
    • Look fabulous in the item you have rented to your event. Hashtag #iShareCloset to be featured on the website so that other women can check out your look!
    • You will receive a REMINDER EMAIL on the END DATE of your rental period.
    • All returns to be posted in the return envelope provided by the owner/sender.
    • The reminder email will contain information on how to pack the item for correct return.
    • Post the item at your nearest Australia Post on the END DATE of your rental period
    • Once posted, click ‘confirm’ on the webpage of the rented item on iShareCloset. This will let the owner know that the item is on its way back to their closet.
    • NOTE: we recommend that when returning items, renters take a photo of the parcel being put in the post box as a proof of returning along with the QR code on the post box.
    • If items are not returned on time, you will continue to be charged daily with a minimum charge of the four-day rental price (for that specific item)
    • If you need to extend your rental period, you can make a request online and if possible, this will be accommodated.
    • An email will be sent to you after the item has been received by the owner asking you to rate and review the item and your experience.
    • Remember to share on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to hashtag #iShareCloset. Please also like the iShareCloset page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated!

How to Share your Closet

Adding a listing

    It is free to list on iShareCloset. Add a listing and decide on:
    • Rent and/or sale - Price (iShareCloset will provide a suggested price, but it is ultimately up to you)
    • Add photos of the item.
    • Uploaded images should follow the provided guidelines:
      • All images need to show the item on a person or a mannequin, and NOT on a hanger.
      • The image should clearly exhibit the fashion item and include a minimum of FOUR images: front, back, side and another photo highlighting any close-up details
      • No group photos with other people in the frame. ONLY individual shot.
      • No selfies. Please get someone else to take the photograph if you are modelling the item.
      • Clear background (recommended white wall)
      • No blurry photos. Quality of image must be clear and has to be within 400px*400px max.
  • SUBMIT LISTING to the iShareCloset admin.
    • iShareCloset admin will vet the listing, and then publish if it meets all necessary requirements.
    • Note: you will still be able to view your listing and edit it as necessary. Only you can view it until it is published by admin (access via ‘profile’, then ‘listings’).
    • Your listing will then be viewable to the public.
    • iShareCloset does not insure your items. You must take out any necessary insurance on your items at your discretion when listing on iShareCloset.

Concierge Service

iShareCloset is here for YOU! If you would like your items to be properly photographed for a listing, let iShareCloset do the work for you. Use our Concierge Service to present your items as beautifully and accurately as possible for potential renters/buyers.

  • 5 items - $ 70 AUD
  • 10 items - $110 AUD
  • 15 items - $150 AUD
  • 20 items - $180 AUD
  • 25 items - $225 AUD

Featured Gallery

Pay $1 AUD a day to have your listing featured at the top of all listings on iShareCloset. Increase the number of renters who are interested in YOUR listings to maximise your earnings!

When one of your listings is requested for rent/purchase

    • You will receive an email saying, ‘order placed’ with all information regarding the particular item that has been requested for rent/purchase, as well as the ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates of the rental period (for rent only). There will also be a checklist that will contain all relevant packing information.
    • You can directly contact the renter via our messaging feature
    • You will receive a postal REMINDER email 2 days before the START date of the requested rental/purchase item. It will contain all relevant information about the item, as well as the packing checklist.
    • Once the item has been posted, you must send the renter the delivery tracking number and the return tracking number.
    • If there are any delays with postage on behalf of the owner/sender, and/or the item does not arrive on the START DATE of the rental period, please ensure that you follow up with your postal delivery service, and keep the renter informed.
    • Please note: we are only a platform that facilitates communication and connection between owner and renter.
    • At the end of the rental period, the renter will return the item to the owner. Once received, the owner must click completed on the listing on iShareCloset.
    • Note: iShareCloset will automatically ‘complete’ this process if ‘completed’ is not clicked within 2 days of end date of the order.
    • The owner will also rate and review the renter once it is confirmed that the product has been returned.
    • iShareCloset will pay the owner 75% of the rental price + delivery fee at the end of the rental period.
    • Please ensure you have provided iShareCloset with your bank details, so that you can receive the money. This is verified using our secure payment gateway provider STRIPE.
    • For STRIPE’s Terms and Conditions click here


The renter must be honest about any damages that occur on any item under their care. This environment is a space of trust, love and care, and so it is expected that all users behave with integrity when renting other people's items. We do understand that accidents happen, which is why iShareCloset has the following options for any damages that occur:

  • The renter will inform iShareCloset of the specific damages
  • The renter will then send the item to iShareCloset headquarters for further inspection through iShareCloset’s trusted dry cleaner / alteration studio.
  • The renter will have to cover the cost of repair, or potential purchase of the item if nothing can be done (communication with the owner will be necessary at this point).

* Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for all information.