Tips On Photography

The sharing economy relies on trustworthy portrayals of the products that are put up for rent or purchase. Images speak a thousand words, so when you’re trying to promote your designer items, a good image can be the selling point between one dress and another. Decisions are made based on the quality of images and most accurate representation of an item. Be sure to showcase your designer items properly!

Uploaded images should follow the provided guidelines:
- All images need to show the item on a person or a mannequin, and NOT on a hanger.
- The image should clearly exhibit the fashion item and include a minimum of FOUR images: front, back, side and another photo highlighting any close-up details
- No group photos with other people in the frame. ONLY individual shot.
- No selfies. Please get someone else to take the photograph if you are modelling the item.
- Clear background (recommended white wall)
- No blurry photos. Quality of image must be clear and has to be within 400px*400px max.